Tuesday, June 9, 2009

House Industries Opening Reception

(click image to enlarge)

While there's people or collectives out there that inspire me, only a few humble me with their creativity and talent. One of those collectives is House Industries, (not so) arguably the modern era's greatest typographical foundry.

Let's remember that no design communication is without the use of type conveying its message to the masses. The better type, the better the design... and the better everyone involved looks. It's that simple, and yet it's that ridiculously hard.

House's touring Letters & Ligatures show has made it back to the east coast and Philadelphia at the 222 Gallery. Lucky for me, the opening reception was Friday, June 5th, and I was coming into the city as it was already. It offered me the opportunity to hang (albeit briefly) with Jeremy, Andy & Brian once again. Here's a link to their blog to see what they're up to...