Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Worlds Collide

(click image to enlarge)

Throughout the year, typically on a bi-weekly basis, I explore and photograph abandoned architecture throughout the Northeast. I've amassed quite the archive of images including, but not limited to, former mental hospitals, schools, factories, homes, hotels and power plants.

The one thing missing in my design portfolio, however, is a package design utilizing this photography as its visual concept. With that said, out of curiosity – while between projects, I employed a photo from Pilgrim State Hospital that I shot this past January as the subject for a design. In the end, I enjoy its clean, editorial feel and lack of computer effects.

With that said, I'm feeling more confident than ever that I can take this design, or any other, featuring my photography and create something viable for a client. It's all simply a matter of finding the right circumstance for it, of course.