Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Education For All Seasons.

(click image to enlarge) *

As part of the 2011 marketing material redesign campaign between myself and the design college, the Continuing Education department was looking for a new look for their quarterly catalog. By representing each of the seasons on the cover, while spotlighting the current, the school is able to let everyone know that classes run year round – a crucial message to the education of the potential student.

The original design was more muted and linear but after we all agreed it was overly corporate looking for the program as a whole, I adjusted the color palette to be more vibrant as well as adding an organic, artistic mark to loosen up the crisp lines. This resulted in something that was more approachable, fun, and attention-grabbing.

A sampling of an interior spread is below, featuring page folios that continue the theme of artistic marks throughout.

* All designs contain "for placement only" images.