Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dirty, Dirty Bobbins

(click images to enlarge)

As part of my aptly-named, extremely naive, and I'm-far-too-busy-for-all-of-this-and-yet-here-I-go Photographers for Architectural Preservation organization, this Saturday sees the first of 4 weekly events at the former General Textile Mill in Western Maryland. In order to make this more of an event instead of a simple money-for-access fundraiser, I designed a commemorative t-shirt (above) for each participant that was inspired by a 1950s-era note still inside the mill (below).

FYI: If you're a serious photographer and are either interested or feeling spontaneous, I have a few spots available for the morning of March 19th and the afternoon of March 26th. Otherwise, it's a sell-out! Just drop me an email ASAP if you'd like to join the event.