Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PCA&D Admissions Poster 2010-2011

(click image to enlarge)

A set of new imagery combined with an alternate, vertical layout resulted in the PCA&D Admissions 2010-20011 poster. The 2009-2010 edition was horizontal in composition but Natalie & Co. wanted to change things up this time around. The process resulted in a shifting of the title copy and, naturally, a new alignment of student artwork. Overall, the poster is folded into 6 panels per side with the front being full color and the back being B&W with the latter broken down by the folded panels for both mailing and reading purposes.

All told, I'm very pleased with how the original look is holding up in its 2nd full year of use. With that said, however, watch for brand new design concepts to come together for next year's PCA&D Admissions materials. I'm looking forward to it already…