Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family History: George Wiegand

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Whilst working on my family history this summer, I've procured quite a collection of historical documents. One of my favorite things about these documents is their handwriting and/or typefaces, of course. For example, here's a sampling of the use of the name George Wiegand from my archives. There were three George Wiegand's in a generational row, mind you: George Casper (1804-1834), George Adam (1830-1887) and George Anthony (1870-1929). These are the direct ancestral links to my past and are my great-great-great, great-great and great maternal grandfathers, respectively.

Legend (top-bottom):
• October 16, 1857 – Passenger sheet from "The Shippen"
• 1890 – "Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, Etc." census
• 1900 – Lancaster City Directory listing
• April 14, 1910 – 13th Census of the United States
• 1827 – Kurhessisches Heads of State and address manual
• June 7, 1880 – 10th Census of the United States
• October 24, 1887 – Newspaper obituary listing

Ah, the lost art of cursive, handwriting, letter presses and typewriters…