Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CM20: The Official Press Release

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Century Media Records’ North American Office Celebrates Its 20 Year Anniversary, Releases New Compilation Series

"Century Media Records is recognized around the globe as a dominating force and premier label for metal, hard rock and hardcore. The label is extremely proud to celebrate 20 years of metal excellence this year and have put together a special series of compilations that will highlight their 1st 20 years in North America. Four double discs will be released over the coming months, each representing a five year span to provide more focus and in-depth flashback coverage. The tracks for each reissue were meticulously chosen by previous Century Media President, Marco Barbieri, and are housed on 2 CDs in a beautifully crafted and designed digipack. Former Century Media A&R, Tom Bejgrowicz handled all the art direction and coordination, from designing the cover art, to choosing 100% recycled materials for the packaging. Each release will contain liner notes from Century Media employees, past and present.

"Volume one of this series hits shelves on May 18th. The remaining discs will be released throughout the year culminating with a massive box set at the end of the year."