Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hey-Day Of Rail Travel Spawned…

(click image to enlarge)

… some amazing design, photography and illustrations. I mean, just looking at that glorious illustration makes me want to have been there too! The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited was a train run by the Northern Pacific Railway that ran through Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Spokane, Tacoma, Portland and Seattle. I picked these postcards up at Root's Country Market & Auction Inc. this past week, along with another sweet find you'll see soon enough. For more classic train imagery from this era, go here.

The History of the Vista Dome (in brief): "The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited was the premier passenger train of the Northern Pacific Railway from 1954 to 1970. Dressed in Raymond Loewy's two-tone green paint scheme, deemed by many to be the most attractive ever applied to a passenger train, the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited featured glass-topped dome cars, which allowed passengers a sweeping view of the scenic territory between Chicago and Seattle. It also featured a unique lounge car with a Lewis and Clark theme, top-notch dining car service, and state-of-the-art Pullman sleeping cars." – From the press release for "Vista-Dome North Coast Limited" book